Braid gauge

Gauge for cutting the braids.
Through the set dimension, cutting is always precisely at the same length. Unequal or cropped braids belong to the past. (Please click photos to enlarge)

Schleiferlehre Bild 1   This situation should be avoided so as not to give avay valuable time in the race. Uneven (or too short) braids negatively affect the contactability to the track braid.
Schleiferlehre Bild 2   With the scaling on the braid gauge, the desired length of the braids can be adjusted and fixed with the knurled nut for subsequent braids. Set once, shorten several times the same length.
Schleiferlehre Bild 3  

If the length of the braid has been determined, it can be shortened in the inserted state. The clamp is attached to the edge at the end of the braid gauge.

(The cutting tool shown is not included in the delivery!)

Schleiferlehre Bild 4   With the braid gauge it is easy to shorten multiple braids to the same length without cumbersome and repeated measuring every time.
Schleiferlehre Bild 5   This shows an optimal result to the length of both braids. Never again unequally long braids due to missing measuring tool thanks to the braid gauge.