Powered brush tool

A powered brush tool of the extra class. (Please click photos to enlarge)

Kohlenschleifgeraet   Powered brush tool of the extra class in a noble carbon look.
For exact grinding of the radius and the slot on horizontal and vertical brushes. The tools are driven by two separate motors. External power supply 3Volt DC (not included).
Kohlenschleifgeraet Draufsicht  

Precision-milled brush guides allow exactly centric radius and slot. The brush is guided on all 4 sides.

Kohlenschleifgeraet Unterseite  

To change the tool, the spindles can be manually turned with the two handles on the bottom of the device.

Kohlenschleifgeraet offen  

The ball-bearing spindles are driven by belts from two separate electric motors (3V DC).

Kohlenschleifgeraet Kohle 1  

Radius grinding with 5mm diamond grinding pin (PCD, industrial grade).

kohlenschlmont2 sml  

Mill slot with 1.1mm solid carbide end mill. Depth adjustable via stop.

Kohlenschleifgeraet Anschlag links  

The stop can be mounted on both sides. Here the stop is mounted on the left side for horizontal brushes.

kohlenschlrechts sml  

Here the stop is mounted on the right side for vertical brushes.

kohlenschlinbus sml   Through two side holes the tools can be clamped with an hexagon key (included).