Balancer tool for hubs and gears

Static balancer tool for balancing the hubs and gears of slot cars.
The original of Manni (MS-Slotparts). (Please click photos to enlarge)

Wuchtgerät Bild 1  

All types of Slotcar wheels are more or less unbalanced. The reasons for this are steel clamping bolts, non-round rims, different thicknesses of rubber and glue. The impact of unbalanced wheels is vibration.

You must perform the following steps for balancing:

  • Attach the wheel to the appropriate balancing axis
  • Place the axis between the magnets in the balancer, the tip must touch the ceramic plate (white)
  • The center of gravity of the wheel turns downwards
  • Glue some weight on the opposite side of the center of gravity to the rim (e.g., small adhesive strips)
  • Repeat the steps until the wheel stops in any position
Wuchtgerät Bild 2   To balance gears, repeat the steps as for balancing the wheels. The difference is, you need to remove material from the center of gravity of the gear. This can be done by drilling holes or milling.
Wuchtgerät Bild 3   The special feature of the MS-Slotpart Balancer is a ceramic plate. This plate is the contact surface for the balancing axis. The material is harder than normal glass. This avoids surface damage from the spike (e.g., holes and scratches).

Wuchtgerät Bild 4   The sharpened tips (in a special grinding process) of the balancer axle guarantee best error free concentricity.
Wuchtgerät Bild 5   For perfectly balanced Wingcar wheels and gears I offer special balancing axles with clamping surfaces (flat). These surfaces have almost the same dimensions as normal flattened Wingcar axles.
Wuchtgerät Bild 6   Balancing axles in the following versions are available
(from top to bottom):
   Balancer axle D = 3mm
   Balancer axle D = 2mm
   Balancer axle D = 3/32“ with flat
   Balancer axle D = 3/32“