Armature timing gauge (ext. version)

This gauge is used to accurately measure the timing of slot car motor armatures. (Please click photos to enlarge)

Anker-Timing-Messgerät Bild 1   Carefully engage the small index bolt on the gauge of the meter into a slot of the collector. The snap-in is effected by spring pressure.
Anker-Timing-Messgerät Bild 2   Push the opposing holder (on the picture above) onto the armature shaft and center the gap between the windings with the large index bolt.
Anker-Timing-Messgerät Bild 3   The exact timing of the armature can now be read off the large dimensioned scale.
antime distances sml  

Spacers can be used to adjust the height to the appropriate stack length, for example Stack .250 or Stack .500, etc.

antime twice sml en  

Different diameters by turning the counter bearing 180 degrees.